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A tricolor edged shield that identifies the company mission

Born of the intuition of Cav. Luciano Bergamaschi, who personally drew the tricolor edged shield, the Plastisac logo perfectly identifies our Company’s nature and mission.

A clear and precise characterization: a shield that protects (just like polyethylene packaging does), surmounted by a tricolored crown that clearly identifies its original essence. An acronym - PLM - is written inside the shield. At first glance, the acronym may seem as the simple contraction of the Company name PLastisac Mantova, though, in reality, its stands as the initials of the founder’s 3 sons, Paolo, Lucio and Mauro, who are today the Company’s beating heart, since they are at the core of the Plastisac project, just as the initials of their name lie at the center of the shielded logo. A simile or a just coincidence? Certainly not, but rather the foresight of a man who knew how to embody in a symbol an idea of ​​life, family and work.

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