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Retail of sacks for pneumatics

A supply of wheel-cover sacks made of high-quality PE

Do you need wheel-cover sacks for your business? Plastisac has the right solutions for you. The Mantuan company is the leader in the retail of sacks for pneumatics. These are sacks made of polyethylene designed and created specifically for this use, that is, the covering and containment of wheels and pneumatics - bulky and heavy articles that need to be packaged and moved in total safety. The PE sacks made by the company are of superior quality, safety, and are created according to advanced production standards. They are also available in different formats, thicknesses and dimensions.

Characteristics of the wheel-covering sacks

The polyethylene sacks offered by Plastisac can be used in many commercial and industrial areas; one of the more specific and particular kinds among them is the sacks for pneumatics. These are special sacks of large dimensions and high durability, designed and developed to contain pneumatics of various sizes - which makes them particularly suitable for automotive factories, mechanic workshops and tyre dealers. The sacks can be supplied on reels or in sheets, they are heat-sealed with highly-durable closure to avoid breaks and tears during the transport (considering the substantial weight of the product). The wheel-cover sacks can be customised as desired with prints and leaving spaces for personalisation by hand (client name, kilometres travelled, type of pneumatic, etc.).

Why trust Plastisac

Plastisac can offer cutting-edge flexible production capable of satisfying all our clients' needs operating in the automotive sector. The wheel-cover sacks are made with advanced processes, rendering products of superior quality, safety and durability, ideal for businesses that need these traits for the transporting of heavy or bulky items. Plastisac makes performance PE articles of superior quality, optimum durability, and 100% Made in Italy. The use of high thicknesses allows the creation of large-scale bags, perfect to transport bulky or heavy materials such as pneumatics. These sacks can also be customised with printing, colours, traceability systems and also by type of closure.

How to get more information

If you require more information on the sacks for pneumatics, send your questions or requests through the form on the contact section of the site. We will respond to your questions fully and in the quickest possible time.

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