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Production of extendable film in sheets

A wide range of solutions in PE sheeting for various activities

Plastisac specialises in the production of extendable film sheeting, a form of PE film suited to many uses in various industrial sectors. The types of polyethylene film produced by the company are Made in Italy, of the highest quality, are safe, guaranteed and are made according to superior production standards - making them available both for contact with food and for industrial or commercial use. The film sheeting is available also in other formats, thicknesses and dimensions, for manual and for machine use. And they are covered by the Plastisac guarantee.

What kinds of PE films are available?

The polyethylene film in reels offered by Plastisac are highly customisable; the company can in fact offer personalised, made-to-measure solutions to meet the needs of various businesses, and products requiring packaging. Obtained by the extrusion of the raw polyethylene material (HDPE or LDPE), the film in reels is actually produced in variable thicknesses and dimensions, and, specifically, in sheeting variety. But other than this, we also have the following options available:

  • Single-fold
  • Tubular
  • Pleated

There is also a special sheet reel that is made to measure for wrapping treated aluminium profiles. The pre-cut is then followed according to the specific needs of the client, with personalised dimensions. The pre-cut reels are available both for the food and the industrial sector.

The specifications of the polyethylene film

The extendable films in sheets produced by Plastisac guarantees the highest standards of safety, quality and durability. They are ideal for use in various industrial and professional sectors; wherever there is a need for quality packaging. For example, the films for food use are certified and guaranteed for contact with foodstuffs, so as to preserve freshness and flavour, and are rolled on a special plastic core. There are customisable polyethylene (HDPE or LDPE) films to meet the specific needs of every company - the same also goes for the films for the industrial sector, which are durable and stable, and used in various businesses, in industries such as clothing, hosiery, logistics, pharmaceuticals and more.

Ask us more!

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