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10 December 2018

Plastisac to Telemantova to tell their story

Il servizio andato in onda su Telemantova dove si racconta la storia dell'azienda

Local media have turned their attention to Plastisac. This time it was Telemantova, with a nice service on "Ti racconto la storia" dedicated to Plastisac.

Interviewed by the well-known Mantovana issuer, Lucio and Mauro, two of the company's three directors, talked about the history of Plastisac and how its foundation was made possible thanks to the great work and commitment of Cav. Bergamaschi. Furthermore, the company's future projects were presented, as well as the current ones. Plastisac, in fact, showing great foresight, constantly engages in numerous initiatives that do not only concern the creation of packaging items that can be used in the food sector. Among the main corporate activities, for example, stands out the commitment to eco-sustainable production, which respects the environment, thanks to the use of renewable energy sources and to the continuous re-use of polyethylene. Thus, Plastisac once again proves to be forward-looking, for a future marked by "green" packaging.

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