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The activity of Plastisac in the production of polyethylene packaging has caught media attention. For this reason, we collected in this section some of the main publications (both paper and web) that discussed our Company over the years.

12 April 2022

Mantua supports the future

The Gazzetta di Mantova reports on local companies that are committed to developing sustainable strategies. Plastisac, too, is present in the "Mantua supports the future" repo...

16 March 2022

Recycling, Traceability, Photovoltaics: Plastisac's virtuous supply chian

Our Managing Director, Mauro Bergamaschi, talks about the company's commitment to building a sustainable supply chain, at Mantova Circolare, a journalistic publication special...

12 April 2019

Plastisac at IE Expo China 2019

Mauro Bergamaschi will represent Plastisac at the IE Expo China 2019. The Gazzetta di Mantova was included in the 12 April edition, reporting the news of the company's partici...

25 January 2019

Plastisac on local media for sponsorship of Mantova Calcio

New article in the Gazzetta di Mantova. This time, to make news, is the sponsorship of Mantova Calcio by Plastisac. The partnership is not the first in terms of sport signed b...

11 December 2018

Plastisac stars in "Vi racconto la storia" on Telemantova

Thursday, October 11th, Plastisac was the protagonist of "Vi racconto la storia" on Telemantova. The directors of the company, Lucio and Mauro, were able to tell the story of ...

03 December 2018

New article in the Gazzetta di Mantova for Plastisac

Once again, Plastisac is at the center of the attention of the local media, who talk about its history and the company's great commitment to the production of "green" packagin...

14 June 2018

Plastisac at Telemantova to talk on recycling & environment

Guest at Telemantova, during the "Sei a Casa" show, which was aired on 12 June 2018, Mauro Bergamaschi spoke about the relationship between Plastisac and the environment, as w...

20 March 2018

Plastisac patents a disposable raincoat for dogs

In the Gazzetta di Mantova there is again talk of Plastisac. This time, the news is the patent of a disposable dog raincoat, an accessory easy to use and that allows you to ke...