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20 March 2018

Plastisac patents a disposable raincoat for dogs

A bioplastic accessory that protects our four-legged friends from the rain

In the Gazzetta di Mantova there is again talk of Plastisac. This time, the news is the patent of a disposable dog raincoat, an accessory easy to use and that allows you to keep the most faithful pets dry.

The idea of a new and innovative compostable cape for dogs, able to cover also their faces and paws, «was born one evening for dinner with friends - says Mauro Bergamaschi - talking about our respective activities one of them asked me: but why do not you make a disposable raincoat for my dog? And in a few months we patented it together». Currently two different prototypes have already been designed, which have attracted the attention of some companies interested in marketing the latest innovative idea of Plastisac.

Source: Gazzetta di Mantova del 12 marzo 2018.

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