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14 June 2018

Plastisac at Telemantova to talk on recycling & environment

To the microphones of "Sei a Casa", Mauro Bergamaschi spoke on Plastisac activities and initiatives

Guest at Telemantova, during the "Sei a Casa" show, which was aired on 12 June 2018, Mauro Bergamaschi spoke about the relationship between Plastisac and the environment, as well as recycling activities and new initiatives in which the company is involved.

From the interesting interview emerged all the commitment that the company devotes to making plastic films for packaging with a green soul. In fact, as explained by the administrator, Plastisac manages to recycle and constantly reuse the raw material used for the manufacture of its articles, producing a minimum quantity of waste. At the end of the interview, moreover, we could talk about the possible developments of company products, as well as the future of this industrial sector.

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