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Disposable Bags, reels, envelopes

Production of Polyethylene bags and reels for the packaging of PPE and daily use products

To cope with the health emergency caused by the Covid-19 virus, we have started the production of Low and High Density Polyethylene Bags, Reels and Envelopes, for the manual and/or automatic packaging of mask or any PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and objects used daily, which require a contact protection. They are available in different sizes according to single need of the customer and are suitable for food contact. Plastisac deals with the design of disposable reels, specifically realized for retailers.

Disposable Bags, reels, envelopes


  • Smartphone - Tablet Cover
  • Remote Controller Cover
  • Sunbed and Deckchair Cover
  • Glove Bag
  • Pillow Cover
  • Bags and Reels for packaging protective masks
  • Disposable Cutlery Holder

The many products of Plastisac

  • The Smartphone and Tablet Cover is a protective polyethylene cover, which allows the normal use of your Smartphone or Tablet. Through this bag the functions of fingerprint recognition, Face-ID and the normal use of the screen are kept unaltered.
  • The Remote Controller Cover is a disposable protective bag usefull for hospitals, nursing homes (RSA), hotels, which allows you to keep the remote controller sanitized after its sanitization.
  • The Sunbed Cover and the Deckchair Cover are usefull for seaside resorts and swimming pools. Their use contributes to the complete sanitation of the sunbeds and deckchairs allowing the user to use them with greater safety.
  • The Pillow Cover is usefull for hotels. Its use allows to keep the pillow sanitized until use by the customer.
  • The Bags and Reels for the packaging of the protective masks allow the manual or automatic packaging of the masks and PPE.
  • The Cutlery Holder is a disposable protective bag usefull for hotels, restaurants and bars, which allows the cutlery to be kept sanitized after its sterilization, preventing subsequent contamination. Plastisac specializes in the production of PE disposable cutlery holders  that are practical, hygienic and easy to use.
  • The Glove Bag represents an alternative to disposable gloves. The glove bag allows you to come into contact with any surface, protecting your hands from possible contamination and is suitable for food contact.
  • Bags for packaging protective masks: Plastisac is also specialized in the production of bags for automatic packaging of protective masks, an item that's becoming more and more fundamental for our everyday life. The disposable bags for masks are practical, safe and hygienic and can be personalized according to the number of masks.

The products, following the company vision, are 100% recyclable ensuring a lower impact on the environment. Furthermore, they are customizable and can be made in different sizes according to the single needs of the customer.

These products are specifically designed for retailers who can better manage the large numbers required by this type of production. Plastisac can provide its customers with bags for packaging protective masks that are fully customizable, but the company also takes care of the production of disposable envelopes for many different purposes - including the packaging of the single mask.

Technical specifications

We produce LDPE and HDPE bags and reels with the following features:

  • THICKNESS: from 10 micron, depending on the type of material used
  • SIZE: adaptable to customer needs
  • MINIMUM QUANTITY: look notes

Special finishes for bags

Inaddition to the standard customizations, the bags can be made with the following special features:

  • PATELLA: adhesive
  • HINGE: minigrip

Kinds of reels

The reel can be made in the following options:

  • Sheets
  • Single fold
  • Tubolar
  • Gusseted


This product can have the following customizations:


This product is covered by a specific manufacturer's assurance.

Fields of application

The Disposable Bags, reels, envelopes product is produced for industries of these areas:

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