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Stretch film for packaging

Transparent film mounted in rolls of various sizes, ideal for packing material loaded on pallets, but also suitable for other types of applications.


Stretch film consists of a transparent film made of plastic material, generally low density linear polyethylene, which is used in the industrial/commercial sector for packaging and stabilizing pallets. 


Suitable for manual or machinable use, the stretch film is available in reels of different sizes and formats, including in macro-drilled version, depending on the field of application. It is also called stretch-film because of its elongated features, which allows wrapping loads perfectly, in a simple and safe way. 


It is normally produced in transparent film that allows viewing the product inside, though it can be colored and/or printed upon request.


The thickness of the stretch film can vary, as its resistance, without, however, losing its flexibility features.


This product is covered by a specific manufacturer's assurance.

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