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We have been producing polyethylene packaging since 1961

The history of Plastisac started more than half a century ago, when a pioneering idea of ​​the founder of the Bergamaschi family is still to this day kept alive by sons Lucio, Mauro and Paolo, who have given their Company a decisive technological and ecological mark, laying the foundations for the present and future development of corporate activities.

The origins of Plastisac

The Company was founded in 1961 when Cav. With a farsighted idea, Luciano Bergamaschi (left in the picture) began to operate the first factory for the production of polyethylene films and bags, in the historic premises of via Giosuè Carducci, in the city of Mantua. Over the years, Plastisac moved its headquarters several time, albeit never from its birth city, until finally setting on the outskirts of Mantua, in the small town of Gambarara, where its administrative and production facilities are now located.

Between past, present and future

Since its inception, Plastisac has been developing innovative technological solutions, with the stated goal of offering customizable and high-performing PE packaging products that can meet discrete customers’ needs. Moreover, in the last few years, under the management of Lucio, Mauro and Paolo Bergamaschi, the Company has committed itself to the reduction of CO2 emissions, entering into an agreement with the Italian Ministry of the Environment, thus striving to comply with the provisions of the Kyoto Treaty. In the same way, other initiatives closely related to environmental issues have been moving the Company’s directional levers, increasingly aiming to achieve environmental sustainability in both production choices and manufacturing methods.

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