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Quality of plastisac polyethylene packaging

We show quality in many ways, and share a single common denominator that stands as the distinctive character of Plastisac on the market of suppliers of products for polyethylene packaging.

At Plastisac, when we talk about quality, we mean:

  • Quality of raw material
    The selection of only top-quality granular polyethylene allows maximizing the yield in the production process, providing a product with technical features of the highest order.
  • Quality of production processes
    At Plastisac, the entire production phase takes place according to standardized and highly controlled procedures. Each department is dedicated to a specific operation, and all processes are regulated by a certified production flow.
  • Quality of finished product
    The final product, whether a reel, a sheet or a bag, must meet 100% of the requirements defined by customers.
  • Quality of assistance service
    Assistance is fundamental to create partnerships with our customers, which are at the base of the success of every project. We dive into your project with the same passion we would reserve to ours, and are at your side even after the end of production.
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