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Research & Development

Technological innovation to process hdpe/ldpe

We believe that only through technological innovation, yielded by accurate Research & Development, we can continue striving to offer our customers quality products that are always at the forefront of reference sectors.

This is why at Plastisac, we make great investments in the Research & Development phase, which is implemented across three main areas, and, by extension, our Company’s full range of activities. The 3 areas in question are:

    The application study on polyethylene raw material allows us finding cutting-edge solutions for the improvement of its intrinsic properties. Depending upon the final application field, we develop specific products also thanks to the use of additives.

    The constant improvement of all processing procedures allow us increasing productivity and, consequently, responding promptly to customer requests. In the same way, the improvement of procedures is to be combined with the ever-increasing need for environmental sustainability.

    Developing new raw material efficiency allows us expanding the  fields of application of polyethylene product within the industrial production sectors. This is why we look for innovative and alternative solutions that allow us exploring new markets, never neglecting, at the same time, to broaden the traditional applications of polyethylene. Over the last few years, we have invested a lot on the technological development of the product in the food sector.

Innovation in the field of traceability of polyethylene products

One of the most relevant topics we have developed in recent years concerns traceability. Since this is a very sensitive issue in the commercial/industrial field, being at core of the concept of an enlarged production chain, we have studied technological solutions able to combine the most modern traceability systems (Barcode, QRcode, TAG RFid or Unique Codes) with the products made of polyethylene made by Plastisac. In this way, we want to widen the range of offers for our customers as much as possible, finding effective solutions that can fit perfectly into the production chain of structured and certified realities. This is why we design and produce a wide range of polyethylene products for commercial sectors (as well as waste bags) with efficient and precise tracking systems.

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