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Plastisac Green

Small Factory, Big impact: We are Plastisac

Plastisac has innovated its technologies in order to guarantee the manufacture of low-environmental impact polyethylene products. With commitment and dedication to the environmental cause, Plastisac has succeeded in reducing emissions from its production processes, improving the energy efficiency of machinery used.

Our commitment to a more sustainable industry

Plastisac has already adopted many initiatives and innovations to reduce the environmental impact of its processes and operations. An example are:

  • In 2011, we installed a photovoltaic system to self-produce green energy, which reduced CO2 emission into the atmosphere
  • In Italy, we were the first company of flexible packaging sector to enter into an agreement with with the ex ministry of the environment for the reduction of the carbon footprint of plastic waste bags (ISO/TS 14067:2013, updated with te UNI EN ISO 14067:2018 certification - CFP SYSTEMATIC APPROACH).
  • We can produce just in time and assist industries that need to have complete certification of the production chain
  • We utilise only high-quality raw material
  • We operate an accurate control of each phase of the production processes
  • We offer highly qualified technical support and consultancy services for packaging processes.

Virtuous supply chain

Plastisac develops virtuos supply chains in waste management to obtain the raw material necessary to produce new packaging. In fact we take all our processing waste to regeneration, obtaining new raw material, thus eliminating waste. Regenerated raw materials maintain excellent technical characteristics and are not only used in the food and biomedical sectors. 

In recent years, we have been committed to reducing CO2 emissions by agreeing with the Ministry of the Environment (The Kyoto Protocol). As well as other initiatives strictly connected to environmental issues, the company's management increasingly move towards environmental sustainability in production choices and manufacturing methods.

For this reason, we decided to define, in partnership with our customers, the possibility of developing virtuous supply chain in waste management from which we obtain the raw material necessary for the development of new packaging. A circular economy lays the foundations in reducing emissions from production processes and optimises all stages of the supply chain.

At the processing stage, we have innovated our technologies to ensure the manufacture of environmentally friendly polyethylene products.

Plastisac Green

  1. We have activated a partnership with a consortium to collect and manage polyethylene goods throughout the national territory, to recover waste more and more effectively.
  2. Thanks to this initiative, we intend to develop, in the medium-long term and collaboration with Customer and Suppliers, a project for green packaging production. The new products are made with a percentage of recycled plastic deriving from polyethylene waste and coming precisely from a collection from our customers and those who will have the sensitivity to participate in this initiative.
  3. For this project, it is planned to implement the Mechanical Recycling methodology, which consists of the mechanical processing of plastic objects collected as waste, which becomes raw-secondary material for the production of new items. This methodology represents one of the possibile ways of exploiting thermoplastic polymers and implies minimum requirements for the material's workability to obtain increasingly cleaner fractions of homogeneous materials.

Plastisac's vision

We have innovated our technologies to guarantee the manufacture of low environmental impact polyethylene products. We have achieved to reduce the emissions of our production processes, improving the energy efficiency of machinery used.
But we want to do mere.
We want to do our part to invert global warming, halt biodiversity loss, cut pollution, and protect oceans, seas and wildlife.

Why choose Plastisac for sustainable packaging?

  • Renewable energy thanks to a photovoltaic system and energy efficiency. Using resources more rationally, reducing waste and, therefore, costs
  • Eco-sustainability: we have obtained a 100% eco-sustainable product
  • Carbon Fooprint Systematic Approach, in accordance with ISO 14067 to detect the impact of every single product we manufacture
  • Guarantee of origin, or Green Certificates attesting that electricity production comes from renewable sources and recognising the merit of some plants in energy saving and pursuit of eco-sustainable viewpoint.
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