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The constant commitment for the production of packages that respect the environment

Plastisac has innovated its technologies in order to guarantee the manufacture of low-environmental impact polyethylene products. With commitment and dedication to the environmental cause, Plastisac has succeeded in reducing emissions from its production processes, improving the energy efficiency of machinery used.

Renewable energy for the production of PE

In 2011, we installed a photovoltaic system useful for the self-production of green energy, allowing us reducing CO2 emission of into the atmosphere. Through the use of solar energy, therefore, but also measures designed to improve the efficiency of machinery and the traceability of PE packaging, our Company was the first and only in Italy in the flexible packaging sector to enter into an agreement with the Italian Ministry for the Environment and Protection Land and Sea, aimed to reduce the carbon footprint of plastic bags for waste collection (ref. ISO/TS 14067:2013). To obtain the relevant certification, we carried out a study on the carbon footprint in the life cycle of waste bags, which yielded external reports to be used for communication with individual customers.

100% recyclable polyethylene

Since plastic derivatives are often identified as the main culprits in the pollution of our planet, our Company carries out a continuous recycling of polyethylene used for the manufacture of packaging. Indeed, regardless of the processing phase, discarded PE can be re-transformed to be reused for other production. Finally, each of these processes is particularly sensitive to environmental issues, also guaranteeing customers to have a “100% eco-sustainable” product.

Carbon Footprint External Report

The CFP External Communication Reports are based on the CFP Study Report related to “Plastic bags for waste collection” made by PLASTISAC Srl.

Guarantees of Origin

The Guarantee of Origin is a particular type of electronic certification, relative to the renewable origin of the sources used by the IGO plants. Plastisac obtained the certificate after the GSE, a company chosen by the State to pursue and achieve objectives in the field of environmental sustainability, has verified that the company facilities comply with the provisions of Directive 209/28 / EC, promulgated by the European Parliament.

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