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Made-in-italy polyethylene packaging

Strongly rooted in the territory, Plastisac has always focused on a Made-in-Italy polyethylene products, able to guarantee its customers a certified product of the highest quality.

Plastisac embodies a strong nationalistic connotation, as it is widely visible both within the Company logo and on the main facade of the headquarters at the gates of Mantua, where stands a tricolor flag that surrounds one of the supporting columns of the Company’s production facilities.


This is by express corporate will, and because since its inception, the Company produced exclusively in Italy, to ensure the highest quality of the product and, at the same time, manage a short supply chain and respond with the flexibility required by the market.

Italian know-how for the manufacture of PE packaging

Since 1961, the year in which Cav. Luciano Bergamaschi founded the Company, Plastisac moved forward Italian know-how in the manufacture of packaging products. Our polyethylene products, therefore, as well as new technology related, for example, to the traceability system on garbage bags are the result of the ingenuity of local operators, who apply themselves with passion and professionalism to study new applications that can facilitate customers’ lives.

Italian machinery for the production of polyethylene packaging

Therefore, personnel in Italy, and much more. Indeed, in order to maintain the high quality of its own PE packaging, Plastisac relies exclusively on Italian machinery for the production of polyethylene products. The devices in question, in fact, are manufactured in Italy and are engendered by the application of that wisdom and ingenuity that made our culture famous the world over.

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