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What activities has Plastisac put in place to reduce its environmental impact?

Plastisac has taken many itiatives and innovations to reduce the environmental impact of its processes and operations. For example: 

  • In 2011 we installed a photovoltaic system for self-production of green energy
  • We were the first company in Italy in the flexible packaging sector to enter into an agreement with the Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea to reduce the carbon footprint of plastic bags for waste collection. This has enabled us to achive ISO 14067:2018 certification, which allows us to calculate the environmental impact of any of our products, and consequently adopt strategies to reduce it where possible. In fact, there is a big difference between the previous certification and this one: we can extend the carbon footprint calculation to any Plastisac product, and not justo to the waste bags.
  • We are constantly investing in research and development and are able to offer real innovation in the area of traceability of polyethylene products.
  • We are able to produce just in time and use high quality raw material
  • We carefully control every stage of the production process.
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