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Polyethylene wine bag production

Customised bags for wine sellers and producers

As part of our production of polyethylene bags and sacks, we can make customised proposals for wine sellers and wine producers, or any businesses involved in the retail sale of wine bottles. 

To make the most of wine as a product, which is one of the driving forces behind the Italian economy, we have developed special technological solutions for transporting bottles of wine sold by wine shops and wine bars. We can produce customised polyethylene bags and sacks with bespoke colouring and printing. We have produced two models of shoppers, made of high-density PE to ensure greater bag strength, designed to carry the weight of a full bottle. Technological solutions include bags with bean-shaped die-cut handles, available in a 'single' version that can hold just one bottle, and a 'double' bag that can hold two. The size of the polyethylene wine bag is tailored to the standard 750ml bottle, but we can design custom sizes if required. We can even produce small quantities of customised wine bags.

Some examples of polyethylene wine bag designs

Below are some actual examples of mini-shoppers (more commonly referred to as wine bags) made from high-strength HDPE. These are manufactured on a transparent base and then printed with the desired graphic customisation, but can also be coloured during production if required.

More information?

If you would like more information about customised wine bag production, contact us NOW. We will be happy to provide you with expert advice to suit your needs and give you a tailor-made quote (even for small quantities).

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