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Production of bags with traceability systems

Plastisac is a company involved in the production of 'Made in Italy' bags with traceability systems.

Which traceability systems are used on the bags?

The correct tracking of the supply chain, whether agro-food, industrial, technological or logistical, is guaranteed by innovative traceability systems. It is also possible to identify each component involved in the production process, which guarantees its authenticity and ensures its safety. Traceability is achieved by printing codes directly on the products, not involving any surface labels. In this way, individual items can be paired with codes to obtain technical or in-depth information about the packaging or attributable to the product inside. Information and content to be associated by the traceability system include, for example:

  • Origin of materials used to make the products
  • Identification of contributors to the product
  • Production methods
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Mode of transport

Possible uses of traceable bags

The company produces polyethylene bags and pouches that are ideal for packaging and wrapping in various applications in the industrial and commercial production sectors. The standard bags are transparent with an opening on either the short or long side and are available in a variety of sizes. It is possible to customise the products by adding printing, perforations and by changing the colours. Plastisac also produces pouches and bags for food contact, suitable for use in cheese factories, meat processing, bakeries and much more.

Need more information?

If you are interested in additional information regarding the production of bags with traceability systems, contact us by filling in the form. One of our staff will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible!

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