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Production of polyethylene bags with QR code

Looking for an innovative bag traceability system? Plastisac is an Italian company, based in Mantua, which specialises in the production of polyethylene bags with QR code. The latter is one of the product traceability systems.

The use of QR codes for bag traceability

Plastisac uses the modern QR code system to facilitate the traceability of its products. By printing the QR code directly on the bags, without affixing labels on the surface, it is possible to pair a code with the individual product that can contain information linked to the packaging or the article contained inside. Via this system, information can be obtained regarding:

  • Origin of raw materials used to make the products
  • Contributors to the product
  • Production methods
  • Manufacturing procedures
  • Modes of transport adopted

When used correctly, this tool makes it possible to guarantee the continuity of the supply chain, whether agri-food, industrial, technological or logistical.

Types of traceable bags with QR code

Plastisac produces two lines of traceable polyethylene bags and pouches with QR codes:

  • Bags and pouches in HDPE/LDPE: the company produces transparent polyethylene items with openings on either side, suitable for packaging a variety of products. The bags are available in several formats, sizes and thicknesses so that they can accommodate even the bulkiest items. For the latter type of object, Plastisac produces very strong low-density polyethylene bags with the possibility of closure by welding, ties or adhesive tape.
  • Bags and pouches suitable for food contact: bags suitable for all types of food processing in different sizes, formats and customisations. Also available in small quantities with side or bottom gussets, loose or adhesive flap, minigrip zip or press-stud closure. They are used, for example, for pallet covers, designed to cover pallets of goods in the food industry.

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