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Production of bags with RFID tag system

Plastisac is an Italian company, based in Mantua, specialising in the production of PE bags with RFID tag system for waste collection.

Features of PE bags with RFID tag system

These items are suitable for any type of container or bin, regardless of size. Format, size and thickness are determined according to the intended content. The colour (on a neutral base) can also be produced according to the type of waste, which can be paper, glass, aluminium or other types. PE waste bags can, as mentioned, have different characteristics: the material can be HDPE, LDPE, biodegradable or compostable; other parameters can also vary, such as thickness, width, closure, type, but above all traceability. The latter, in particular with RFID tag technology, enables a new charging model for users.

How does RFID tag traceability work?

The RFID tag system for recycling bags is one of the most innovative traceability systems. It makes it possible to assess the actual level of user input and thus set up a new charging model.

  • Preparation: thanks to the RFID tag system, bags and containers for recycling collection can be traced.
  • User matching: each user is given a unique identification code on the bags and/or containers they receive.
  • Return: RFID-tagged bags and/or containers containing undifferentiated waste are returned by each user.
  • Data collection: the vehicles are equipped with antennas that can automatically record multiple deliveries and are capable of reading at a distance of up to three metres.
  • Data recording: the vehicles automatically store the user's delivery data on their on-board computers without any possibility of error.
  • Data transmission: when the vehicles return to the facility, the data is automatically transferred to the central server and processed by the software.
  • Verification: a comparison is made between the data obtained in the collection phase and those recorded in the delivery phase.
  • Charging: the software sends the processed data to the relevant tax office, which applies the appropriate charging.

More information?

If you are interested in additional information regarding the production of bags with RFID tag system, contact us by filling in the form. One of our staff will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible!

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