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Recycling collection bags for municipalities

For over 40 years Plastisac has been manufacturing and selling sacks for municipal recycling collection, offering quality polyethylene products with traceability systems.

Features of recycling collection bags

The company, based in Mantua, produces PE bags for recycling collection for municipalities suitable for any type of containers and bins, both large and small. Depending on the intended content, PE bags are produced in different sizes, formats and thicknesses. Customisation can also be carried out with regard to the colouring of the items, depending on the content, which can be paper, glass, plastic, aluminium or other specific types of waste. Many parameters can be varied according to customer requirements: the material, for example, can be biodegradable, compostable or HDLE/LDPE; thickness, width and traceability systems can also vary.

Requirements for biodegradable and compostable bags

Plastisac also offers biodegradable/compostable bags that comply with European standard 13432:2002, which sets out the requirements for biodegradability and compostability. These items are suitable for separated collection of wet waste. The legislation, which is also applied in Italy, sets out the requirements that a material must meet to fall into this category:

  • Degradation of at least 90% in 6 months if the environment is rich in carbon dioxide.
  • After contact with organic materials for 3 months, at least 90% of the material mass must consist of fragments smaller than 2 mm.
  • Comply with established limits for pH values, salt content, concentration of volatile solids, nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium

Would you like more information?

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