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Polyethylene ziplock bags

A wide range of PE bags for various uses

Plastisac is a Mantuan company that operates throughout Italy and produces polyethylene ziplock bags. Plastisac's ziplock bags are safe and durable, meeting the highest standards of production, making them ideal for various uses and sectors. From the food to the commercial sector, from industry to services, Plastisac's catalogue contains a vast range of bags of different sizes to choose from and customise according to any needs, including the type of ziplock.

Ziplock bags for any application

Plastisac produces HDPE/LDPE sleeves, sacks and bags in various sizes and formats, available with various customisations and ideal for processing in the industrial sections of both the food and commercial sectors. For those who require polyethylene ziplock bags due to a need for a closure system that is safe, durable and guaranteed, the company offers different choices according to the packaging requirements - dimensions and type of product. In the catalogue you will find:

Choose Plastisac!

Plastisac polyethylene bags are made with cutting-edge technological processes, with a flexible production that allows various customisations. This way, Plastisac products offer every sector of use (especially the more sensitive industries such as food and pharmaceuticals) the guarantee of advantages such as:

  • Great constructive quality, which means exceptional durability and comfort
  • Extensive possibilities in customisation - from colour additives, to prints, to perforations
  • Hygienic and certified solutions, fully adhering to regulations
  • Attention to the environment, because polyethylene is produced with renewable energy and it is completely recyclable

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