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Retail of refuse sacks for waste sorting

Refuse sacks made of polyethylene, but also compostable materials

Plastisac is an Italian company specialising in the retail of refuse sacks for waste sorting, both for plastics and dry waste and for organic waste, which naturally requires compostable, biodegradable bags. The sacks produced by the Mantuan company are of the highest quality, are safe, and are guaranteed, made according to superior production standards - and in particular with respect to regulations in terms of recycling and waste sorting. Furthermore, they are covered by the Plastisac guarantee.

Polyethylene sacks for refuse collection

Plastisac produces PE sacks for refuse collection. These are polyethylene sacks for refuse collection that can be made for any type of bin or container. All the sacks are made of PE with customisable and variable formats, dimensions and thicknesses, based on the intended content. Even the colouring of the sack (prepared on a neutral base) can be customised for the identification of the content to sort, such as:

  • paper
  • plastic
  • glass
  • aluminium
  • other special types of industrial refuse.

It is also possible to produce special sacks, of differing size and format, with the innovative microchip tracing system.

Organic waste sacks

To offer a truly complete catalogue of sacks for waste collection, Plastisac also produces bags and shopping bags for the collection of organic waste, or bags under regulation UNI EN 13432:2002, which identifies the characteristics that they must have to be biodegradable and compostable. These biodegradable and compostable bags can be used for organic waste sorting or in other situations that require products and packaging that must be disposed of in the environment. For this, they are designed and created according to regulation, which identifies their proper characteristics.

How to get more information

If you require further information on the waste collection sacks offered by Plastisac, send us your questions through the form on the contact section of the site. We would be happy to respond thoroughly to your questions as quickly as possible.

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