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Bags with handle holes

High-quality customisable takeaway bags

Plastisac is a Mantuan company that operates throughout Italy, producing and selling bags with handle holes, such as polyethylene shopping bags and takeaway bags of superior quality. The bags offered by the company are durable and secure, adhering to high production standards, making them ideal for many uses. Many bags and shopping bags can be found in the catalogue, with a wide range of dimensions to choose from or to customise according to your specific needs.

Shopping bags with handle holes offered by Plastisac

The takeaway bags offered by Plastisac are produced using polyethylene of high or low density, and can be customised, thanks to flexible, custom production, making them available in various sizes and formats and in variable thicknesses depending on content requirements. The shopping bags offered by Plastisac can have vest handles or kidney handle holes punched out to maximise durability. The company also offers a modest quantity of bags with all customisations available, including polychrome print.

The advantages of choosing Plastisac

Plastisac can count on cutting-edge flexible production capable of satisfying all our clients' needs in all their various sectors. The sleeves and shopping bags are made with technologically-advanced processes that yield products of high quality, safety and durability, thus making them ideal for activities requiring safety and durability for the transport of articles of a certain weight or bulk. Plastisac makes performance sleeves that are high quality, of optimum durability, and 100% Made in Italy in terms of resources, know-how and processing.

The great versatility of polyethylene allows the creation of bags with handle holes of various types, that are suitable for many uses in industrial or commercial settings. The use of high thicknesses allows for the creation of bags of large dimensions, perfect for the transport of bulky or heavy materials, while the use of LDPE allows for the production of smaller bags that are less durable (such as the "pharmacy format") for products of a lighter weight.

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