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02 August 2017



Companies that produce materials for food contact have until today to register on ATS to be in compliance with Legislative Decree 10 February 2017 no. 29, containing the “Sanctioning Discipline for the violation of provisions pursuant to Regulations (EC) no. 1935/2004, no. 1895/2005, no. 2023/2006, no. 282/2008, no. 450/2009 and no. 10/2011 on materials and objects intended to come into contact with food products and food”.

This is a provision that concerns the implementation of Directive (EEC) no. 76/893 on MOCA (Materials and Objects intended to come into contact with food products) and which essentially consists of the dual need to update the current discipline on Materials and Objects in question to the current year, with particular reference to the implementation of EU provisions adopted on the matter, pursuant to EC Regulations no. 1935/2004 and no. 2023/2006, as well as to specify safety requirements for those who place Materials and Objects on the market.

The following products fall within the MOCA scope and definition, in accordance with Legislative Decree 29/2017: plastics, regenerated cellulose, cardboard, ceramics, glass, metals, wood, textiles, wax and any other material and object intended to come into contact with food and drinks for human consumption (e.g., cutlery or receptacles).

In this case, Legislative Decree no. 29/2017, compared to the original regulations, only intended to adjust current administrative sanctions to be applied in cases of possible violation of the requirements of MOCA labeling and traceability, deemed essential to trace the collection of defective or non-compliant goods, whose amount is subject to adjustment every two years, consistent with changes made to the Istat Consumer Price Index.

For its part, in anticipation of the term expiration, Plastisac has already proceeded to register with ATS for MOCA certification, and, therefore, it is already in compliance with all current regulations governing the production of materials and objects destined for food contact.

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