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03 December 2018

La Gazzetta di Mantova speaks of the "green" soul of Plastisac

The Mantuan newspaper talks about the many corporate initiatives with an environmentalist spirit

On Friday November 30th, the Gazzetta di Mantova spoke of Plastisac's "green" spirit and of the many corporate initiatives aimed at safeguarding the environment. In fact, the company has always committed itself to promote and operate according to a production with a low impact on nature, reducing, for example, CO2 emissions.

An article about the production of eco-sustainable bags and other packaging items from Plastisac

The article shows a complete picture of all the ecological initiatives undertaken by Plastisac throughout its history. Since its foundation, the company has shown particular attention to the environment in which it operates and has constantly worked to make its production of packaging items sustainable. As a demonstration of this commitment, in fact, in 2011 it installed a photovoltaic system, which supplies a large part of the energy used, while the remaining part is supplied by certified renewable sources. This allowed the company to reduce its Carbon Foot Print, in compliance with the provisions of the Kyoto Treaty, and to enter into an agreement with the Ministry of the Environment. Thanks to a continuous reuse of polyethylene, finally, Plastisac guarantees to each customer the obtaining of 100% eco-sustainable packaging items.

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