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11 December 2018

New Conai contributory band 2019

The national packaging consortium strengthens their contribution diversification with the new year

On October 1, 2018, in the administrative headquarters of the national packaging consortium, the entry into force of the new 2019 contributory band for packaging was decreed. The update foreseen by the institution will put prevention more and more at the center of attention, in order to promote and make better the recyclability of the items used for packaging.

What will be the new contributory bands for plastic packaging?

In order to perfect the current model, the Conai has created a new contribution scheme for plastic packaging, which also confirms the facilities already provided for in previous updates. In particular, the bands proposed are the following:

  • Band A (selectable and recyclable packaging from trade and industry circuit): € 150.00 / t
  • Band B1 (domestic circuit packaging with an effective selection and recycling chain econsolidated): € 208.00 / t
  • Band B2 (other selectable and recyclable packaging from domestic circuit): € 263.00 / t
  • Band C (packaging not selectable / recyclable according to current technologies): 369.00 € / t

What is reported is a segmentation of what was previously the B-band, creating a new one (B2) and relocating within the C-band the solutions of packaging products not suitable for recycling, which were previously in band B.

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