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29 April 2020

Covid-19 Emergency: Seat cover for public transport

Plastisac is alongside with transport companies, with a disposable seat cover designed for safe mobility

Plastisac was able to grasp the need in the public transport sector, caused by the health emergency. From May 2020, in fact, extraordinary measures will have to be adopted on all vehicles to manage their use, thus guaranteeing their services. To meet this need, the company has started the production of disposable seat cover bags to be supplied to companies operating in this sector.

The use of the seat cover: a useful tool for respecting social distancing

This product, made of Low-Density Polyethelene, will allow, based on the customer's requests, to cover the entire seat or part of it. In this way, the seat cover will be useful to indicate the seats where you will not be able to sit (also reporting the print "seat not available"). Its use, therefore, will make it possible to cope with the new directives on social distancing, envisaged by the new Prime Ministerial Decree issued by the Government.

A seat cover suitable for any transport vehicle: Customizations

Naturally, Plastisac did not want to limit itself to the creation of a standard product, the same for all customers. Thanks to its production facilities, in fact, the company will provide some customizations for the seat cover. in particular, if required, prints and colors can be inserted on its surface, which will have the tak of explaining the function of the product.

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