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13 January 2022

Plastics tax postponed to 2023

The Parliament, with budgetary law 2022, approves one-year postponement of the tax on single-use plastics

The €450 per tonne tax, applied to single-use plastic products, is further delayed and will come into effect from 1° January 2023.

A refresh on the Tax

The Plastic Tax is a fixed value tax of 0,450 euro cents per kilo of single-use plastic products sold (so-called MACSI). The tax will primarily be borne by the manufacturer, the importer of single-use products and, of course, the consumer.

The tax is levied on the consumption of products made of plastics for the containment, protection, handling or delivery of goods or foodstuffs, even in the form of sheets, films or strips, which are designed and placed on the market for a single use. These products are not, therefore, designed to be reused or to perform multiple transfers during their life-cycle.

Excluded from taxation are compostable plastics and recycled plastics, even in part, as well as all medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging.

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