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08 November 2021

Plastisac sponsor of Mantua Science 2021

Within the series of events promoted by the Municipality of Mantua and realized by Mantova Scienza 2021, in its sixth edition, Plastisac supports the realization of the event "PLASTICS AND BIOPOLYMERS: The challenges for the packaging of the future", which will be held Sunday, November 14 at 17.30 at the Sala delle Capriate, Piazza Leon Battista Alberti 101 Mantua.

The event "PLASTICS AND BIOPOLYMERS: Challenges for the packaging of the future"

Plastisac is always attentive to issues reletad to sustainability and environmental impact of its products and to the search for more sustainable solutions. 
With this perspective was born the desire to support the realization of the event of Mantova Scienza, related to the issues of packaging of the future, which will be held by Prof. Antonella Cavazza, researcher and professor at the Department of Chemical, Life and Environmental Sustainability Sciences, at the University of Parma.

Prof. Cavazza will discuss the theme of sustainability and waste management, conveying a message of respect for the ecosystem, without neglecting safety and compliance with regulations.

In order to attend the event you need to book your place at the following link:

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