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The fundamental moment for creating packaging products is called extrusion. Polyethylene raw material, which is in granular form, is melted and transformed into a tubular film of variable thickness and dimension through the extruder. Subsequent phases are carried out to customize the newly created polyethylene film.

Polyethylene extrusion process

Starting from polyethylene granules, our Company is able to perform the extrusion process to obtain all its plastic articles for packaging. After a first step, where it is necessary to bring PE to a certain melting temperature, the film passes into a cooling ring and moved onto rollers, which have the objective of stabilizing the geometry and morphology of the material.

Machinery for PE extrusion

Within our Company, there are 7 extruders for polyethylene that can operate using both low and high density raw materials. Each of them proceeds automatically to obtain films that will be processed later, though is continually placed under operator control, to ensure correct operation, thus preventing defects on the product surface.

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