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Among the additional services offered by Plastisac, there is also welding on PE films. If requested by customers, this procedure will be carried out at the end of the production chain, always in compliance with high quality standards.

Welding process

After extrusion and printing, if any, Plastisac can perform welding on PE films. Welding can be performed on the flap of products or leaving a few millimeters from it, so as to obtain greater resistance. In this way, moreover, it is possible to meet any requirement related to the features of the requested product and, at the same time, prevent the creation of leaks that would risk undermining the quality of the items for packaging in PE.

Welding on different types of product

Plastisac can apply the welding step to different types of products. This accessory process, in fact, will be useful for obtaining the following articles:

  • Sacks and Sachets
  • Bags
  • Garment bags
  • Garbage bags
  • Takeaway bags

Before being delivered to customers, products obtained are submitted to quality control steps to certify suitability for food-grade as well as other than food use.

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