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Target: Biomedical

Solutions and Packaging of high quality for Medical and Biomedical sector

Plastisac is specialized in the design and production of polyethylene packaging for medical and biomedical industry. These solutions have high quality standards and guarantee the complete protection of the producs, in compliance with current regulations. In this way our product are suitable with this sector and guarantee the complete traceability of the products. 

From last years Plastisac cooperate with firm of the medical and biomedical sector; the packaging for this target require the highest quality and need to follow a regulation similar to the food one, in which the company can boast a long experience. In facr, from the audits we had with companies in this sector, we were able to verify that our comply with those required by biomedical sector.

What type of packaging does the company supply?

Plastisac supplies packaging to Biomedical firms, that they mainly use during production phases of medical devices. Biomedical companies can insert their products and articles inside the PE bags, in order to be able to carry them to the next production phase. The packaging supplied by Plastisac rarely represents the final packaging of the device. The main products that Plastisac supplies to companies in the biomedical sector are:

The products produced for this type of sector can be in High, Medium, Low density Polyethylene suitable for food contact. All supplies are shipped using a double protective bag in order separate the cardboard of the boxes with the product that will be used by the customer.

Also in this case it is possible to customize the product with stamp applied mainly to allow traceability systems using barcodes.

A wide range of solutions and services for the biomedical sector

Plastisac supplies for its cusomers in biomedical sectors products of excellent quality, that comply with the needs and regualtions of the sector. The polyethylene solutions proposed by the company can also be useful in the traceability of the customer's products int the varios stages of production, through barcode coding systems. It is also possible for companies operating in this sector to request specific documentation that guarantees the conformity of the orders supplied.

Through the use of pre-cut reels, with a plastic core, it is possible to eliminate the cardboard in the production phases, thus avoiding that bags or medical devices come into contact with a living material such as cardboard that can release substances.

Plastisac is able to provide unique services for the identfication of batches and products. The application of barcodes is an example of this: progressive numbers are printed that stop a certain point, and then resume, so as to identify different batches. This is a specific service that our company is able to put into practice, but which also in Europe is difficult to find, and has also an international relevance, given that the transport costs with pre-cut reels are reduced, compared to single bags.

Ask us for more information on packaging solutions

If you are looking for high technological solutions for the packaging and handling of your company's products in the medical-biomedical sector, contact us now. We will be happy to assess all your needs and provide a customized solution for your polyethylene packaging.

Products that can be used in Biomedical:


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